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"...astonishingly timely, useful and important. Please read it before you die. It might add a few years to your life."

--Warren Bennis - Distinguished Professor of Business, University of S. California and best selling author of On Becoming A Leader

"A much-needed primer on living in the age of perpetual depletion. In today's environment, organizations, groups and teams feed off the individual like ant colonies live off teh bodily resources of individual ants and the illusion that work happens only in the cognitive realm of the mind has become the unquestioned major premise. The worker's whole being - mind and body - need to be brought, together, to the light of consciousness. This is what Dr. Greenblatt accomplishes, with characteristic authenticity, wit and savoir-faire. Read it to DO differently - and read it to SEE differently."

--Michnea Moldoveanu - Professor & Director, Desautels Centre for Integrative Thinking, University of Toronto & CTO of Redline Communications Group, Inc.

"Make a moment to enjoy this book and learn from it the great secrets to a life free from professional exhaustion."

--Marshall Goldsmith - Executive Coaching Guru and New York Times' best selling author of What Got You Here Won't Get You There

"This inspiring book translates years of thoughtful social scientific research into actionable strategies for bringing positive energy back into our work and lives. Restore Yourself not only advances the argument that restoration is critical to both productivity and happiness, it shows us HOW to find that energy and then capitalize on it every day."

--Monica C. Higgins - Associate Professor, Harvard Graduate School of Education

"In this important book, Edy Greenblatt shows us the way to achieve a higher quality of life and how to eliminate so many of the stressors that plague and tire us – especially the self imposed ones."

--Bronwyn Fryer, Senior Editor, Harvard Business Review

“Like Good to Great and Built To Last, Greenblatt’s Restore Yourself unlocks the secrets of creating sustainable organizations. She explains how busy executives and professionals have it within their grasps to rejuvenate themselves and lead more fulfilling and satisfying professional lives… even when the odds seem stacked against them. A must read for anyone who makes it through the day on espressos and lattes.”

- David Ager, Ph.D., Co-Director of Undergraduate Studies and Lecturer on Sociology, Harvard University

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