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dr. edy greenblatt | http://askdredy.com/ | Dr. Edy in the News | edy@execu-care.com

EDY GREENBLATT, PH.D. is a motivational speaker, executive coach, entrepreneur, management consultant and scholar. She has founded and run her own professional services firm, was on the faculty at the Center for Effective Organizations at the University of Southern California, and has also had successful careers as a dance ethnologist, talk show host, performing artist and a circus peanut vendor. Through her speaking, coaching, writing and seminars, Dr. Edy is fast becoming the business world’s Energizer Bunny.

Dr. Greenblatt earned her Ph.D. in the joint program in Organizational Behavior at Harvard University and Harvard Business School. Prior to that, she completed the required curriculum for an MBA and earned a master’s degree in Psychology (both at Harvard), after earning a master’s degree in Dance Ethnology and a B.S. in World Arts and Cultures at University of California at Los Angeles. Edy is the host of her own radio and television programs, The Dr. Edy Shows designed to help humans thrive in the modern workplace. In her free time she still dances, flies on the trapeze, swims and sleeps. There is more at www.EdyGreenblatt.com.

michael allan kirk | MichaelAllanKirk@gmail.com

MICHAEL ALLAN KIRK was born into a large multicultural family and grew up in towns all over northwest Indiana including Gary, Black Oak and Merrillville. While still in his teens, he headed west to Los Angeles, anxiously anticipating new adventures and exciting ways to channel his creative drive. Michael became a dancer in his teens, choreographer in his twenties, poet, screenwriter and novelist in his thirties, and, now, is a freelance writer and photographer. Along the way he also tended bar, worked in healthcare, and produced large cultural events involving world music.

Michael's pragmatism, dry wit, and unique perspective on life have made him a great ally and source of humor and encouragement to a diverse set of professional colleagues, cyber fans and personal friends. He is a well-known podcaster operating under a pseudonym that shall, in this context, remain a pseudonym. He and his wife Sherry live in Pasadena, California with their two dogs Baby and Zeljko. He is currently writing a “dramedy” series for cable premium television.

erin v. lehman, ph.d. | Tauzetaepsilon@aol.com

ERIN V. LEHMAN, PH.D. is a Senior Researcher with the Center for Public Leadership at the John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University. Prior to this appointment, Dr. Lehman worked for the Organization Practice at McKinsey & Company in Washington, D.C. and spent over 15 years with the Harvard Business School and the Department of Psychology at Harvard University.

Her academic research and publications have focused on leadership and teamwork, especially on self-governing and senior leadership teams. Dr. Lehman received a bachelor’s degree in Economics from Wellesley College and a Ph.D. in Organizational Behavior from City University, London in the United Kingdom.

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